President Speech DADA

The ambitious, subsidiary frost front test

Sail ahead, bizima Our wills unite like a fortress. day

After countless times the market struggle, today, the company with a firm pace calmly walked past ten years.

Ten years, we work hard, with wisdom and sweat, to witness the company from history; ten years of time, we have to make progress, with persistent belief and regretless pursuit, casting a solid foundation of career development.

After the era of vicissitudes of life, every time the market change, for enterprise growth and training opportunities; every market crisis, but also to the enterprise growth and the sharp change of space. With ten years of hard training, creating graceful and gorgeous turn.

Ten years of time such as a massive milestone, it is engraved on the company every colleague to pay the bit by bit, engraved on the company's self transcendence and the spirit of the pursuit of sublimation.

Sweep the concern us!